The Blind Hacker


The Blind Hacker is an enthusiast in InfoSec, hacker, mentor, pen tester, and a Director of a red team. He believes that mentoring others online, such as in Twitch streams/YouTube and online communities, is of utmost importance. He also frequently volunteers his time towards workplace development, offering resume reviews and job advice through mock interviews and professional workshops. This helps individuals to secure the roles they desire. Besides these significant contributions, he has spoken at various events on topics from disabilities to InfoSec basics. Despite being differently-abled, he constantly pushes boundaries and is committed to building inclusive communities that welcome everyone.

Not only is The Blind Hacker a prominent figure in the realms of InfoSec, hacking, pen testing, and red team operations, but he also passionately shares his extensive knowledge and skills with others. He views online mentoring, via streams and digital communities, as a vital part of his work. He generously gives his time to support workplace development, providing guidance through resume reviews, job advice, mock interviews, and professional workshops, to help people secure their desired roles. In addition to these admirable endeavors, he has been a speaker at numerous events, addressing topics from the challenges of disabilities to the fundamentals of InfoSec. Despite his disability, he remains undeterred and is relentless in his mission to cultivate open, inclusive communities that embrace everyone.